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Evolution. As Times Change, We Change With the Times.

So we have come to a point in time where the world is in constant flux. In your day to day life, do you feel that times are changing? Maybe even rapidly? The argument can be made that times have … Continue reading

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How to Rebuild Your Life, After You’ve Lost the Cosmic Connection

There comes a moment in time when life slows down. You have always been running around from moment to moment, and suddenly when things settle, you realize years have passed and you have nothing to show for it. I had … Continue reading

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And The Search Goes On…Painfully It Seems

  It seems almost endless, and I am just going to come out and say it, I feel like I am wading in a bunch of penis soup. That is so gross, but that’s what it feels like. What is … Continue reading

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I Almost Lost the Man Who Loves Me Because I Didn’t Appreciate What I Have..

We have all been there right? We live in a society of what seems like a mountain of dopamine hits from social media and an obsession with instant gratification, so it only made sense that I began to fall in … Continue reading

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So Much Guilt in My Heart. A Rocky Start to the New Year…

Have you ever done something that you feel guilty for? Said something in anger or hurt someone without realizing it? I was faced with that tonight as I tried the repair the damage I had done to my social circle … Continue reading

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When You Know You’re Doing Wrong, But You Do It Anyway…

Have you ever just thrown yourself a pity party? I mean just really reveled in it. Like, there is really no reason for it, almost to the point where you would consider yourself a spoiled brat even, but yet you … Continue reading

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A New Year’s Plan to Enlightenment

Have you ever had the worst luck ever at the most inopportune time? Have you ever wondered if your karma is coming in for payment? This was supposed to be an amazing week, Christmas was at the head of the … Continue reading

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